Clinics & Services


Asthmatics are encouraged to attend the chronic disease clinic which is run by the practice nurses who are asthma trained. We aim to help our patients to improve the management of their condition.

Chronic Disease

These are done by some of our appropriately trained nurses for diseases such as heart disease, asthma, COPD, hypertension and stroke.


Hearing tests as required by the doctor.


A diabetic clinic is held by Sister Thurston at both sites. Appointments can be made via reception.

Blood tests

Appointments available with the Phlebotomists who have clinics throughout the week

Flu Clinics

As in previous years we will be holding our main flu clinics on a Saturday. Clinics will be held at both the Bourne and Farnham Centre for Health. If you are eligible please remember to book an appointment. We do not send out letters to our patients to invite them to attend.


We operate a shared care system with the local hospitals. We look after mothers before and after the baby is born. We make routine visits to your home in the postnatal period if necessary, but encourage the mother and baby to visit the surgery if possible. Our attached midwives run a weekly antenatal clinic and will visit postnatally.


The Practice Nurses hold immunisation clinics weekly for childhood immunisations. Adult immunisations are also available with the practice nurse. You need to have a tetanus and polio booster every ten years. We also offer flu vaccine each year from October to patients in the at risk groups.

Child Health

We offer a child development check at 6-8 weeks of age.

Menopause Advice and HRT checks

If you wish to discuss or ask advice on any aspect of the menopause or HRT please make a routine appointment with the doctor or the Practice Nurse

Family Planning

We offer a full family planning service including the pill, diaphragms, coil fitting and full emergency contraceptive services. All partners offer pre-conception advice.

Teenage Sexual Health

Advice can be given by the Practice Nurse on the telephone or appointments are available in the Family Plannng Clinic. Please remember we are here to listen and not to tell. Please be assured that all issues will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.

Cervical Smears

Our female patients should have regular cervical smears. We have a recall system in the practice for this and are also linked to the regions computerised recall system. Please arrange appointments with reception.

Spirometry Clinic

Lung function tests as requested by the doctor

Chlamydia Screening

1 in 10 young people have chlamydia and often have no symptoms. If left untreated it can lead to infertility in both men and women. A free self-test is available. These can be obtained from the surgery reception or alternatively you can order a postal kit online at or via Free phone 0800 0198589.

INR Clinic

The Practice Nurses hold weekly INR clinics to provide a one-stop test and result service for patients on Warfarin.

Travel Services

Travel advice and immunisations are available with the Practice Nurse. Please allow 8 weeks before travelling to arrange your vaccinations. These immunisations are payable in advance. If you come to your appointment without payment you will be unable to have your immunisations. The Surgery accepts cheques or cash payments.

Private Services

There are a number of services that the doctors offer which fall outside of the NHS contract and for these a charge will be made. Details of charges are available here Private Fees. These include private medical claim forms e.g. BUPA/PPP, private medical certificates and various special examinations and reports for school, employment, driving etc. Please note that the doctors charge for these services as they are not part of their NHS work. These fees are payable in advance of any work being done by the GPs.