Online Services

Sign up to GP online services and you'll be able to use a website or app to:

  • book or cancel appointments online with a GP or nurse
  • order repeat prescriptions online
  • view test results
  • view parts of your GP record, including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, and previous illnesses

The service is free and available to everyone who is registered at the surgery.

Moreover you can now request to act as a proxy for children, relatives and dependants that you care for. This enables a parent, family member or carer to act on behalf of the patient with their access tailored accordingly.

The proxy feature has gone through rigorous analysis to ensure there are no data privacy risks. Appointment booking, repeat medication requests, messaging and, where applicable, access to medical records, can easily be accessed by the proxy once a relative or person has been linked.

Please note that Proxy Access is only available for users of Patient Access.

Also Proxy Access will be automatically switched off when the patient turns 16, and either full access or proxy access will need to be re-applied for by completion of an online services registration form.

Please complete the below forms to register for access to these online services, and email them into the surgery to Don’t forget to attach proof of ID.

GP Online Services Registration Form

Proxy Access Form