You may see an unfamiliar test result entry within your NHS/Patient Access app called John Hopkins adjusted clinical groups system score. This is to help our team identify and prioritise more vulnerable patients and is nothing to be concerned about.

Online Services

GP online services allow patients to use the NHS app or other online health service providers to:

  • book or cancel certain appointments (eg. flu vaccinations)
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view test results
  • view your GP record, including information about allergies, vaccinations, and previous illnesses

There is also a proxy feature which allows patients to request access to their children, relatives, or dependants online accounts.

For more information on these services please visit

As a Practice, most of our patients tend to use either the NHS App or Patient Access. In order to have full access to the NHS App, you will need to prove who you are by taking a photo of yourself, recording your face using your device, and entering your NHS number if you know it. Just download the app and register.

When setting up an account with Patient Access you will be asked to Link to your GP Practice using a registration letter or using the NHS App. To receive a registration letter complete the below Online Services Registration form and email it to, attaching two forms of ID. Alternatively, f you have an NHS App login this can also be used this to verify your ID.

GP Online Services Registration Form

If you wish to request proxy access to a family member's online account, you should complete the below proxy access form, ensuring the patient has signed to give their consent for you to access their health records, and email it to including ID for both the proxy user and patient (if the patient is aged 16 or over).

Proxy Access Form